Sep 5, 2017

Homeschool: "Feed Me Ten!" Math Activity

The first day of school is DONE and it was great! I spent most of the month of August preparing for the new school year. Overall, the year is much better when all is planned and organized (generally speaking, because I don't plan lessons for a full year...we'll touch on that part another day). Anyway, I wanted my boys to strengthen their number bonding skills, this year. So, I am working on creating games/activities and lessons to help. This activity "Feed Me Ten!" is very simple to make and can work in a number of ways.

Feed Me Ten

Activity Mat: I inserted a pic of a monster I found, online, into a Word doc and added the words "Feed Me Ten!" to the top. Then, I just printed and laminated them. For the number can choose random monster pics (or whatever characters you choose), print them and add a number to the back of each character. Cut and laminate  (and cut again).

How I use them: The boys, using their own mat, came up with different equations that equal 10. They are to write down each one they create in their Math journal. My oldest created a few using three addends to equal 10, while my youngest stuck with the standard two.....both are acceptable. This activity can be used as "busy work" and/or turned into a game (Who can come up with the most combos of 10. Extra points given when 3 addends are used).

The cards are stored in a plastic pencil case I purchased from Target (97 cents each).

Download:Feed Me Ten Activity Mat