Sep 14, 2017

Book Review: "ABC Press" Book Series

Welp....this post is about 7 months! My life *shrugs* So, I found this great book series at Barnes and Noble last year, by ABC Press Books. The books are based on sight words (POWER words in the book) and has pictures to coincide with the words. My son, despite being a kid that has the vocabulary of a middle aged man (yeah....seriously, this kid has been here before), struggles to read. Before these books, I would make each story book for him, using the words we were practicing that month. While I enjoy making them, it is TIME CONSUMING and since I have vowed to limit my coffee intake to one cup a day (don't!), I simply can NOT add anything else to my plate. A sister is FULL! Here's a few things I LOVE about the books:

I'm digging these books because:

Each book is based on sight words.
The list of sight words (POWER words) are found in the back of each book.
The pictures coincide with the words on every page, helping the child figure out unfamiliar words.
My son can now grab a book off the shelf and read alone during quiet time (before, I would have to read with him). 💖
Each book is based on real facts.

Book information:
ABC Press Books
Purchased from: Barnes and Noble (kid section)
Price: $5.99 each

Books pictured:
 See the Cactus
Penguin Baby
Hippos Eat
The Polar Bear
The Chocolate Tree

POWER words (sight words)
Word Attack Strategies