Jun 28, 2017

Let's Read: Catching the Moon (Book Review)

Here's a snippet of "Catching the Moon" by Crystal Hubbard. My book review is under the video : )

"Catching the Moon"

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Book Review: I really enjoyed this book, for several reasons. 
1. The story challenges us, as a whole, to look beyond gender. We tend to push girls away from sports, like baseball, because it is widely viewed as a "boy's sport."
2. The story challenges parents to learn that their dream for their children may not be what the child wants. It creates a platform to really listen to what your child is passionate about. 
3. Marcenia, the main character, overcomes several obstacles and never gives up on what she truly loves. A great message to children: Don't give up just because it seems impossible.
4. The Afterword is a short bio on the real Marcenia "Toni Stone" Lyle.

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