Book & Craft: "I Love You, Daddy"

Another cute book that's all about dad and his special bond with his son. I love how daddy bear encourages baby bear throughout the book. He gently lets him know that he is getting old enough to do certain things on his own....but daddy is always a step behind, keeping a watchful eye.

I purchased this book from Amazon.
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Bear Hug (FREE Printable)

Download FREE "Bear Hug" Printable
Supplies: scissors, glue, googly eyes and sticker or pom pom nose (optional).
I used a foam glitter heart sticker.
Cut out bear, arms and accessories (hat or bow)

Fold arms at the black line and add glue to the white tab (back)
Glue arms to the back of the bear's body.

Add googly eyes, nose and hat/bow.
Add your favorite picture of the family or dad and kids!
Bear Hugs for DAD!

*Please do not share printables. Instead, bring the party to my blog so they can download and print their very own fun activity! Thank you : )