Arts and Crafts: Paper Plate Colossal Squid

My boys (mainly my youngest) are super technical when it comes to animals (thanks Wild So, I tend to center alot of their learning around them. We will be tackling a few LARGE projects over the next few months. So far we have decided on an ocean, dessert and rain forest habitat. All animals and environments will be made by myself and the boys.
First up: Ocean habitat! Here's how we created our Colossal Squid:
*This will be an ongoing post. I will share as we go along*

Colossal Squid
Supplies (not pictured):
Paper plates, red paint, googly eyes, sequins (or black paint for suckers) bottom of a cup (I used two old Dunkin Donuts cups. I have plenty from my weekend, paintbrushes and glue (may need a glue gun depending on the type of cup you choose to use).

Cut paper plate creating 10 legs (arms, tentacles,, leaving the center in tack (resembling a sun).
Paint squid. Let paint dry and add sequins (for the suckers)
Paint bottom of cup and glue eye on once dry
 Glue cup onto squid body

Let dry and display flat or bend legs slightly for the real "Squid effect" : )