Mar 21, 2017

Homeschool/DIY: Bean Bag Toss Math Game

One thing we do in school EVERYDAY is play games! No, not the average games you would find in Target or WalMart (although we have quite a few of those, too). Most of our games are made up, using things we have around the house. This math game can have so many different variations. Great way to practice addition, subtraction, simple inequalities, etc. 

Bean Bag Toss Math Game

Supplies: Paper (I cut a strip from one of our art rolls I purchased from the Melissa & Doug collection on Amazon (Purchase Here)
Bean Bags (I used our hacky sacks but you can make bean bags using rice and balloons or grab these: Bean Bags
Cup (to make circles)
Masking Tape (won't leave marks on the floor when removed)
Small dry erase board (purchased mine at The Dollar Tree. If you can't find any there, try these: Dry Erase Board) or paper and pencil (to work out problems), dry erase marker and an old sock to erase board.

Set up: 
Tape paper to floor. Trace as many circles as you would like. Place numbers in each circle (can be double digits, triple digits, etc). 

How to play: 
Player stands behind designated line on the floor (a few feet away from paper is fine...depending on the reach of the child(ren) playing. Player one tosses one bean bag and writes down the number it lands on (or is closest to). Then they toss again and record that number. Then add the two together. Now, it is Player two's turn. Repeat. The first player to reach 200 (or whatever number you choose) WINS! 

Give it a try and let me know what you think! I can think of so many variations of this game. How would you add your own twist to this?