Homeschool: Odd/Even Race Track Game

*Throwback Post*
Closing out our first week of Even & Odd, in Math, and the boys caught on fairly well. I added this fun game to our lesson plan because my boys love racing games, Sonic and movement...they can't stay still if you paid them. LOL! The rules and set up are pretty simple. Check it out!

What you'll need: White poster board, crayons, pencil, dice, scissors, coloring pages, tape and a printout of Even and Odd numbers (if your child needs it in the beginning, for reference).

Print out a free coloring page of your child's favorite character. Then, have them color them and cut them out.
The "race track" is just plain white poster paper, cut in half and taped together (overlap a bit and tape on the back). Create lines, about two inches apart, using a regular ruler. Add a "Finish Line" at the end. 

This is how long it is once taped together.

How to play: (Two player game) Player 1 will roll the die to see what team they are on, Even or Odd. If they roll an Even number, they are "Team Even" and the other player is "Team Odd." Each player will take turns rolling the die. If Player 1 rolls an odd number, they will call out the number and say "Odd." Whichever player is "Team Odd" will move up to the next line. This will continue until someone reaches the "Finish Line" first. Next week, we will be playing with two dice (this will help them work on adding simple numbers, quickly, and then figure out if it is Even or Odd).
My boys have been playing this game, constantly, for the past two days! They really love it! : )
Give it a try and let me know what you think!