Oct 26, 2016

Homeschool: Multiplication Race Using Pool Noodles (GAME)

So....we're still going strong with our multiplication tables! J is rock solid with his 0-2 times tables and Eli has mastered 0-3. Next week we will be moving on up to 3 and 4 (3 for J and 4 for Eli). The last couple of days we've been doing ALOT of review....making sure they are strong with what they know already. Today we had some fun with a multiplication race.

Pool Noodles purchased from WalMart during the summer for 75 cents each.

I cut up the pool noodles & wrote the sum of all factors from 0-3 
(two sets: one blue and one green)

Placed them in two pool floats (one set of numbers in each float)

Rules: (two players but can be more)
Call out a multiplication problem. Both players will have to think of the answer (in their head) and run down to the floats to search for the correct answer. Once they find it, they have to run back to you. First player that reaches 12 points, WINS! 

*This game can be modified many different ways. It would be lots of fun if played in a pool, a backyard with two large buckets filled with water or two small kiddie pools. Just drop the pool noodles in and have the kids dive for the answers!