Homeschool: "Hippos Eat" Lapbook

Yesterday, I finished up Jordan's lapbook for the book "Hippos Eat" that he will be working on for the rest of this week. Here's how I created it:

"Hippos Eat" Lapbook

This particular lapbook is made from half a sheet of green posterboard. I usually use an inexpensive folder.
Front cover: I photocopied the intro page of the book then cut and pasted it on the front of the lapbook.
Jordan used gold stickers (purchased from Joann's Fabric & Craft store) to add his name.

Full view of lapbook
Left side: I'll have J write down all of the cool facts he finds on hippos.
Middle: "Build A Word" section. I used the power words found in the back of the book and wrote them on index cards (orange cards in the front blue pouch). I also attached a metal plate to the board and purchased some letter magnets from the dollar store. J will build his power words using the magnets (I used magnets because it ties into our ongoing lesson on magnetism. Check out our post on "Our Magnetic World." 
 Side Note: I'm really not a fan of these letters so I put in an order for these Letter Magnets, instead.
Thank goodness for Amazon Prime!

Right side: I photocopied the front page of the book and labeled the title, author and illustrator. J will write down each name on the correct line. 
Not pictured: a word search I printed out from Super Teacher Worksheets  that uses his power words.
I REALLY like the concept of this book series (purchased from Barnes & Noble: Hippos Eat). I will do a separate blog post giving my personal review : )