Homeschool: Exploring Our Magnetic World (Outside)

Flip flops *check*, Science notebook and pencil *check*, magnets *check*.....Let's go!

We headed outdoors on a hunt for all things MAGNETIC! Look what we found!

The Manhole is definitely magnetic. Quick, somebody go let the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles know! ; ) 

The bench in the dog bark is magnetic, too!

The fire hydrant is magnetic

Look, Jordan! The gate is magnetic, too! 

We really thought this STOP sign would be magnetic but it's not.

But this street sign is! 

We recorded all of our data in our Science journals (drew pictures and discussed what we found)
We will be crossing this topic over to our Language Arts assignment on Thursday. We are going to write a short story about a special kind of superhero. Can you guess what super power he holds?
Stay Tuned!

LEARN WITH US: Head outdoors with your magnets and comment below telling us what you find in your "Magnetic World!"