Homeschool: Building A Recycled Robot (Ongoing post)

Hey guys! Our recycled robot is coming along great! Wanted to share our progress, so far.

Rummaging for parts in our recycled treasure bin

Mapping out ideas for the robot. We used old yogurt containers for the eyes and cereal boxes for the body. The arms were going to be old plastic cups but now we are going to get dryer ducts or slinkies (does anyone even know what a slinky is
Covered the boxes in foil and taped together. We will glue them, later. We added large googly eyes on the inside of  the yogurt containers. And check out that jetpack! (used the old cup arms and another cereal box to start the jetpack. Will add flames later on)

Taped everything in place.

Frontal view of the robot, so far. 

Side view of the robot.
*This will be an ongoing post, until the robot is completed. We plan on adding wheels, lights and maybe a cup holder! Stay Tuned!