Homeschool: Learning Tools for Teaching The 50 States

Slowly but surely, we are learning our states and their capitals....very slowly : ) I'm not too concerned with making things complicated and drawn out because my boys are still pretty young. But,  I would at least like for them to know the states, along with their capital, and be able to locate them on a (blank) map. Here are a few of my favorite hands on learning tools:

Flash cards: purchased these from Target a few months ago (in their bargain section).

Back of flash card
I like these cards because they provide  basic information like the abbreviation for the state, the state bird and even it's nickname. The "Quick Facts" section was a bonus!
Can purchase similar flash cards here: Buy Here

Purchased this floor puzzle from A. C. Moore (for $5). They really have some great floor puzzles! I am ALWAYS in that store.....seriously! : ) Here's a pretty cool floor puzzle by Melissa & Doug: Buy Here

Size of puzzle piece compared to my hand.....pretty big (the puzzle piece, not my hand. Although they are pretty big, too, lol).

I can't remember where I purchased this one but I found the same one on Amazon: Buy Here

I LOVE that the puzzle pieces are the actual shape of the state. Great for teaching kids how to identify each state. Each puzzle piece shows the capital and also has pictures to show what the state is known for. 

Update: We have added quite a few more learning materials since I first published this post (I'm reblogging it for all of my new homeschooling friends). I will definitely create a post on the new materials! If you have any cool tools (craft projects, puzzles, games) that you are using, feel free to comment below!