School Zone (Science): Acid and Base Experiment

Finally picked up my new computer today (no more blogging from my tablet....yay!) always, I was surfing through Amazon one day and stumbled upon this cool Science kit for kids. My boys are NUTS about anything hands on (especially if it has the potential to cause a huge So, I added the kit to my wish list (because what homeschooler doesn't have a million items in their Amazon wish list?). And since I have pretty awesome friends (no, I really do), my best friend bought it for my boys (did I mention how awesome she is? I did? Ok, moving right along). Well, last week, we got around to opening the box (more like the boys nagged me until I finally said OKAAAAAY!) First experiment......learning about acid/base/neutral reactions. I must admit, it was pretty cool! Check it out!
(Front of box)
You can purchase it here:

 My First Mind Blowing Science Kit (Amazon Link)

This is the beginning of the experiment....mixing red cabbage powder (the neutral) with water.

After we mixed the acid (Citric Acid) with the base (Baking Soda)

Towards the end of the experiment, we wanted to find out what would happen if we added more baking soda and citric acid. Our hypothesis was right! The more we added, the bigger the "explosion" (or release of Carbon Dioxide).

We made our own Science Journals and drew pictures of our observations.

Mom's review: I really like this kit, so far. The "chemicals" are all safe for children to use (although supervision is still needed and supplies should NOT be consumed). I love how simple the directions are and the fact that it gives you ways to go beyond the initial experiment....great for critical thinking and allowing young children to come up with their own hypothesis. All major supplies are included......down to the cotton swabs and test tubes! This kit is a great way to teach Science using "hands on" learning. It's also pretty cool making your own color changing "explosions!" No worries mom/dad, the mess is minimal and clean up is a breeze!

*Does anyone else have this kit? What do you think? If not, give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below. Happy Learning!