Homeschool: Ocean Animal Habitat

This week was all about creating different animal habitats with my boys. We pretty much discuss, color, explore and learn about animals 24/7/365 in this house (Life with boys). To get a little "hands on learning", I decided to have them create their own animal habitats. So far, we did an ocean habitat, and two desert habitats using different materials. Here is our Ocean Habitat:

Ocean Habitat

Ocean habitat: Empty glass jar (with lid), water, blue food coloring, silver glitter, salt and paper sea animals (the boys chose a zebra shark and clown fish). I thought this pic (after adding the dye) was pretty cool! 

 Fill jar with water, add about 2 drops of blue dye and sprinkle a bit of salt (this is just to mimic the salty ocean). Adding the glitter is optional but it's pretty cool when you shake it up : ) Screw top on TIGHT. Have your child choose an ocean animal (plenty of free coloring pages online) and color it. Cut out animal and tape to the BACK of the jar. You should be able to see through the jar to watch your ocean animal swim in it's very own habitat! : )
*You can also add sand and shells. I didn't have any, on hand, but would have used it if I did.
Learn all about cool ocean animals with this great book!: National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the Ocean

 Give it a try and let me know what you think!