Life With Boys: DIY Toy Parachutes!

Another day, another project! My boys are definitely taking after their mom in the "recycle/reuse" department. Their little minds can think of a million uses for one bottle! Just yesterday, they took a cardboard box and an empty bottle and transformed themselves into "Mighty Knights." LOL! Check out our "recycled/reused" toy parachutes we did today!

Toy Parachutes
What you'll need: string, scissors, paper clip (or something to poke a hole in the parachute), and a grocery/clothing store plastic bag.

Oh, and these awesome guys! (You can use whatever toy your child likes)

Cut bag into a square. Our squares were about 7-8 inches on all sides.

Poke hole in EACH corner of bag (about 1/2 inch away from corner so the string doesn't rip through). Pull string through each hole and tie in a double knot. Then take the two strings on both sides and tie them together.

Then tie strings to the arms of the action figure.

All done! Super simple, right?! 

Look out below!!!!!!
J: "Wow, mommy, it works GREAT!" : )
*Yeah...that bed was made this #LifeWithBoys*

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below!