Life With Boys: DIY Rubber Band Powered Car!

This project is pretty old. We made this car about 2 months ago and I am JUST NOW blogging about! We pretty much followed the video below and then added some speed experimenting towards the end. Check it out!

Rubber Band Powered Car

This is the video we watched. Pretty good instructions.

Here's our finished car. We tried to race it down the hallway and it didn't go very far. Mommy (me) quickly realized we needed a bit of friction. So we used a few of our foam play mats....worked PERFECTLY! 

Here's a pic of my son measuring the distance the car traveled. 

We recorded the number of times we wound the rubber band around the axle and the distance the car traveled each time. Then we discussed the difference. Our conclusion: The car traveled a greater distance the more times you wound the rubber band around the axle. The boys REALLY enjoyed this project. They want to make a battery powered one next!

Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below!