DIY: Burlap & Apples

Hey guys! So, I'm finally getting around to making our "Thank You" gifts for the awesome Christmas gifts the boys received this year! I purchased these cute burlap sacks and foam apple cut outs in the "Bargain" section at Target (love this section). At the time I had no clue what I would use them for but that's usually the The boys and I will be making another batch of our homemade applesauce (Crock Pot Applesauce Recipe) and gifting them in these cute sacks. Check out how easy they are to create below!

Supplies needed: burlap sack (purchased this one from Target fro $1), glitter glue pen, glue, foam apple cut out (purchased a pack of about 6 from Target for $1) and a glue gun.

Glue apple to the front of the sack. Place your hand on the inside as you press the foam down. This will prevent the front of the burlap from sticking to the back.

Using your glitter glue pen, write a simple "Thank You" note (takes some practice and a pretty steady hand). For any touch up mistakes, use a toothpick...cleans it right up and shapes letters nicely. *you can always use foam letter cut outs to create a message, if you don't have a steady hand. Add any extra decorations you'd like. Let dry

Finished product! For the second sack, I used regular glue and gold glitter. Added a little bling on the leaf, as well : )

These burlap sacks would be great for SO many things...teacher's gifts included! I plan on making more for Valentine's Day gifts. Stay tuned for that post! 
*How would you use these cute burlap sacks? Have you purchased any of these from Target?