DIY: Glass Jar Candle Holders

Long time no see! Thought I would drop off a quick "How to" project for you guys. I made these candle holders in about 5 minutes! Yup, super easy and inexpensive! Check it out:

What you will need: Glass jars (I used old jars I had in my cabinets. It's ok if they are different sizes), String, twine, raffia, small rope, etc., center object: I used starfish but you could use whatever you like ie. bows, buttons, shells, beads, jewels), scissors and a hot glue gun.
Add a spot of glue to jar and start wrapping the string around jar. Continue wrapping until you reach your desired look. I went around approx. seven times. Repeat process on all jars. Try to make them all meet at the same point, no matter the size and shape of the jars. I began and ended my string at the front because my starfish were going to hide it easily. 

Glue your decorative piece to the front...staying on the same level for each jar.

Finished product: I added small LED candles and placed the jars in my bathroom. *I purchased the LED candles from Target (on clearance) for a little under $3, for six. Give this project a try and let me know what you think. Feel free to send me your finished project and I will be more than happy to post it on my facebook page CreativelyYours, Donielle