Oct 5, 2017

My Top 5 Places To Score STE(A)M Kits/Items!

Two boys....nonstop playing! I guess that's the main reason why the majority of our school work includes games, activities and/or building something....ALWAYS! One of our favorite things to do is build cars and robots...any kind, any size. And they don't have to be elaborate or expensive....just fun! Here's a list of my "go to" places for cool building kits/items:

Number one (and definitely my favorite) Five Below! Not sure of how many stores they have in the US but I know they have them in NJ (where we used to live) and FL (we have to travel a bit further to get there but definitely worth it.) They have TONS of kits, crafts and supplies! I've scored solor bots, spider bots, race cars and alot of other cool supplies.
"Spider bot" (kinda creeped me out...but cool)


I mean....what list DOESN'T include Amazon? Pretty sure everyone knows all of the great items you can score on Amazon. I purchase LOADS of STEAM supplies and kits from them. We tried our hand at a battery operated car (very simple model) a few months ago and it was a SUCCESS! Amazon now has a monthly STEAM subscription where you can get one cool project per month. If your kids are into building, it may be worth a try!

 Battery Operated Car
Purchase here: Emgreat Motor Robot Car

I'm still not a fan of B&N having toys in their stores  (too much of a distraction for the boys) BUT I do love the cool kits they have. They can cost a pretty penny so be sure to check out the clearance section. That's my first stop when I go! I usually score some cool "build a car" kits, legos, blocks and drawing supplies.

"Build a car" Kit

Ok...I'll confess....I am GUILTY of buying ALL of the boys' Christmas gifts from this store! (Thankfully, their aunty and grandmothers came through with the "cool" toys....lol). I just couldn't help myself! They have SO many learning toys! I've purchased fidget tools, puzzles, building kits, educational books, legos and then some. Not sure if they have many locations but if you do happen to have one close by GO....NOW! (Well, not right now...but soon 😉). They even have FREE gift wrapping!!! I know!!!! Amazing, right?!

Zoobs car with eyes that light up!

So, this is technically a store BUT YouTube is filled with videos that can give you great ideas/projects to do! Just type in "Simple STEM projects" or something similar, and I'm pretty sure you'll have enough to do for weeks! We like the cool Science experiments for kids, art tutorial videos (Art for Kids Hub is our fave) and simple household supply projects. Check out this cool rubberband powered car we made!

Rubberband Powered Car: built using everything we already had on hand!

*Honorable mentions (more on the art side of things): Michael's, Joann's and A.C. Moore. I'm a crafter so we are literally in one of these stores at LEAST once a week! Tons of arts and craft kits/ideas and classes!

What's your favorite spots to score great STEAM items? Feel free to share! We love adding great places to our list!

Sep 29, 2017

Printable: Decorate Your Own Pumpkin! (FREE Download)

Simple crafts where I don't have to do a TON of prep?! Sign me up! All you have to do is print out this pumpkin template and laminate! Your kids/students can decorate their pumpkin over and over again! Use dry erase markers and wipe off OR use puff paint, let dry and peel off!
Pull up a chair....the download is on me! 😉

Pumpkin Template

FREE Pumpkin Template Download

Using puff paint (purchased from Michael's)
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Sep 22, 2017

Printable: FREE "Fall Fun" Download!

Happy Fall, ya'll!!! Even though we ALL know they were beating us in the head with pumpkin spice toothpaste since the end of August (don't judge me if I actually bought it....lol). Anyway....Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season....used to be because of the beautiful crisp weather in NJ  BUT Florida acts like they don't know how important it is for a sista to rock sweaters, leggings and ridiculously high boots...smh! But, the activities MUST go on! So, I made this cute printable for you guys to make a "Fall Fun!" list with your kids/students! Yup....it's FREE! Pull up a chair.....the download is on me 😉

"Fall Fun" Download
Download using link below:

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Sep 14, 2017

Book Review: "ABC Press" Book Series

Welp....this post is about 7 months late...lol! My life *shrugs* So, I found this great book series at Barnes and Noble last year, by ABC Press Books. The books are based on sight words (POWER words in the book) and has pictures to coincide with the words. My son, despite being a kid that has the vocabulary of a middle aged man (yeah....seriously, this kid has been here before), struggles to read. Before these books, I would make each story book for him, using the words we were practicing that month. While I enjoy making them, it is TIME CONSUMING and since I have vowed to limit my coffee intake to one cup a day (don't laugh....baby steps...lol!), I simply can NOT add anything else to my plate. A sister is FULL! Here's a few things I LOVE about the books:

I'm digging these books because:

Each book is based on sight words.
The list of sight words (POWER words) are found in the back of each book.
The pictures coincide with the words on every page, helping the child figure out unfamiliar words.
My son can now grab a book off the shelf and read alone during quiet time (before, I would have to read with him). 💖
Each book is based on real facts.

Book information:
ABC Press Books
Purchased from: Barnes and Noble (kid section)
Price: $5.99 each

Books pictured:
 See the Cactus
Penguin Baby
Hippos Eat
The Polar Bear
The Chocolate Tree

POWER words (sight words)
Word Attack Strategies

Sep 11, 2017

Homeschool: "Odds and Evens" Apple Sort Printable

This download can also be found in my store at www.teacherspayteachers.com:
Creative Education at Home

"Odd and Even" Apple Sort


*Print downloads (using link above)....4 pages in total. Laminate basket sheets.
Cut and laminate apples (then cut again once laminated, to separate cards). Have student sort the apples into the correct basket. Can be used as "busy work" or an activity to support a current lesson.

Sep 8, 2017

Printables: FREE Odds and Evens "Cheat Sheet"

Teaching odds and evens? Here's a simple "cheat sheet" for students to use while getting the hang of it!

Odds and Evens "Cheat Sheet"

FREE printable: Odds and Evens "Cheat Sheet"

While you're here, grab my "Odds and Evens" Apple Sort Printable!
Apple Sort Activity PDF

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Sep 5, 2017

Homeschool: "Feed Me Ten!" Math Activity

The first day of school is DONE and it was great! I spent most of the month of August preparing for the new school year. Overall, the year is much better when all is planned and organized (generally speaking, because I don't plan lessons for a full year...we'll touch on that part another day). Anyway, I wanted my boys to strengthen their number bonding skills, this year. So, I am working on creating games/activities and lessons to help. This activity "Feed Me Ten!" is very simple to make and can work in a number of ways.

Feed Me Ten

Activity Mat: I inserted a pic of a monster I found, online, into a Word doc and added the words "Feed Me Ten!" to the top. Then, I just printed and laminated them. For the number cards....you can choose random monster pics (or whatever characters you choose), print them and add a number to the back of each character. Cut and laminate  (and cut again).

How I use them: The boys, using their own mat, came up with different equations that equal 10. They are to write down each one they create in their Math journal. My oldest created a few using three addends to equal 10, while my youngest stuck with the standard two.....both are acceptable. This activity can be used as "busy work" and/or turned into a game (Who can come up with the most combos of 10. Extra points given when 3 addends are used).

The cards are stored in a plastic pencil case I purchased from Target (97 cents each).

Download:Feed Me Ten Activity Mat