July 3, 2017

Printable: Weekly Goals FREE Printable

I absolutely LOVE cute printables to keep track of things I need to do or goals that need to be met. This weekly goals template is PERFECT for posting in the office or at home. Just print, laminate and hang!

*Download using link (under pic) for a clear printable.

Weekly Goals "Diamond Edition"

June 28, 2017

Let's Read: Catching the Moon (Book Review)

Here's a snippet of "Catching the Moon" by Crystal Hubbard. My book review is under the video : )

"Catching the Moon"

Available on Amazon: Link below
Purchase book: "Catching the Moon" (Affiliate Link)

Book Review: I really enjoyed this book, for several reasons. 
1. The story challenges us, as a whole, to look beyond gender. We tend to push girls aay from sports, like baseball, because it is widely viewed as a "boys sport."
2. The story challenges parents to learn that their dream for their children may not be what the child wants. It creates a platform to really listen to what your child is passionate about. 
3. Marcenia, the main character, overcomes several obstacles and never gives up on what she truly loves. A great message to children: Don't give up just because it seems impossible.
4. The Afterword is a short bio on the real Marcenia "Toni Stone" Lyle.

Download book report packet here: "Catching the Moon" Book Report

*Please do not share download. Instead, invite your friends to the site to browse and grab their own copy. Thank you! 

June 16, 2017

Father's Day Printable: Super DAD Badge!

Way too much going on and forgot to share this "Super DAD" pin/badge printable! BUT, I wanted to make sure you guys had it for your Super Dad's on Father's Day! Link below pic!


*Print badge on cardstock paper and glue pin on back.

June 9, 2017

"Ocean Finds" Printable (FREE)

Who's ready to hit the beach?! Here in Florida, we pretty much go to the beach all year round. But, I know the kiddies are out of school and the weather is warming up. So, lots of beach trips are being planned, I bet! With trips, comes the long commute and with that commute comes the dreaded "Are we therrrrre yetttt????" (said no less than a million and one times). I know the feeling all too well (especially because Florida travel is insane...from one place to the next). Best advice I can give STOCK UP ON BUSY BAGS! Basically, a basket or bookbag of travel games, notebooks, toys and things...to keep them busy. As always, I'm right there to hook you up with cute freebies for your little ones. Here's a simple printable that the kids can use to either draw ocean animals on or use ocean animal stickers.
You can also draw what you find on an awesome scuba diving trip 💗 
Grab the link below the pic!

Ocean Finds

Print on cardstock paper and/or laminate for a sturdier reusable activity! (Link below second pic)
Foam Ocean Animal Stickers 
(Amazon Affiliate Link)

June 8, 2017

Book & Craft: "I Love You, Daddy"

Another cute book that's all about dad and his special bond with his son. I love how daddy bear encourages baby bear throughout the book. He gently lets him know that he is getting old enough to do certain things on his own....but daddy is always a step behind, keeping a watchful eye.

I purchased this book from Amazon.
Purchase here: "I Love You, Daddy"  (Affiliate Link)

Bear Hug (FREE Printable)

Download FREE "Bear Hug" Printable
Supplies: scissors, glue, googly eyes and sticker or pom pom nose (optional).
I used a foam glitter heart sticker.
Cut out bear, arms and accessories (hat or bow)

Fold arms at the black line and add glue to the white tab (back)
Glue arms to the back of the bear's body.

Add googly eyes, nose and hat/bow.
Add your favorite picture of the family or dad and kids!
Bear Hugs for DAD!

*Please do not share printables. Instead, bring the party to my blog so they can download and print their very own fun activity! Thank you : )

June 6, 2017

"I Love Dad" Book and Printable

Father's Day is right around the corner so this week is all about DAD! I'll be sharing books, crafts and printables to get you guys ready to celebrate your special Superman 💙

I picked this book up this weekend at Barnes and Noble...discount display....$5.98...perfect timing!
I really like this book because it shows the role of dads (males) in the animal kingdom and also gives animal facts.

Make sure you grab the FREE printable below the pic!

If you would like to have a copy of this printable WITHOUT the footer, feel free to purchase below, and an email will be sent to you.
(No footer printable: $1)

*Once purchased please do not share the link with others. Instead, direct them to my site so they can download or purchase a copy....Thanks! : ) 

June 5, 2017

FREE Summer Photo Booklet Printable!

After I posted the "Summer Bucket List" craft, I thought about how great it would be to create an album to capture all of the memories. So, I created this FREE photo booklet printable (download)!
Just click the link below the pictures 👍

*Don't forget to tag us (@creativecrushstudio AND/OR @creativehomeschool) when you finish filling up your photo album! We can't wait to see them!

Summer Photo Booklet

How to print: Download PDF and print booklet on cardstock paper. You can laminate the pages after you add your photos and stickers, at the end of the Summer. I also included a blank page so you can add lots of pics to your child's booklet! If you would like a printable WITHOUT the footer, feel free to purchase below (PayPal "Buy Now" link) and a printable will be emailed to you.